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The best journal for you to organize your creative thoughts. Small enough to fit in a purse or backpack so you can take it anywhere with you. The straight forward template helps you categorize the different elements of your idea. There is also an "additional notes" section with no fixed lines that will allow you to free hand or draw whatever else comes to your mind. 

Included is my own example on where I was when I had journal idea. While watching a YouTube video and I wished I had a journal with some structure to jot down my thoughts. And thus the Ideas Journal was born.

There are 7 motivational quotes throughout the book. All these quotes mean something to me, something to inspire me and a really talented artist from France came up with all original designs for each of the quotes. 

This journal features a a band to help seal the journal and a loop in front that can hold your pen. 

The journal also features: 
35 templates for structure
7 reflection questions
7 full color artwork that is illustrated around a motivational quote 
1 example on how to best utilize the journal 

This journal has helped me consistently remember and take actions on my ideas and I know it will do the same thing for you!

Dimensions: 8.28"x 5.84"

The Idea Journal, Red

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